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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yuri Vizbor

Yuri Vizbor graduated Moscow State Pedagogical Istitute (named V. Lenin). That time it accumulated rebellious spirit of epoch. Many people provided theirself with guitars and began to sing simple and romantic melodies about quiet life full of harmony, love to nature, mountains, travels. Singers and their fans gathered around camp fire and were singing all the night. It was their original answer to pompous soviet music propagandized with all types of media.
For a long time Comsomol Organizations of Kuybyshev conducted Grushin's festival in memoriam of Kuybyshev's student Valery Grushin. First year there came about 600 persons, but 12 years later there were 100 000. That was author's song boom in USSR.
Also Vizbor played several roles in soviet films ("July Rain" by Marlene Hutsiyev for example) but his heroes were persons like Vizbor himself and of course they played guitar and sang.

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Anonymous said...

The music of my youth - pioneer/summer camps, hiking, ski trips (agitpohod)...Still remember some of them and sing them until now.
I'm 27.
Diana Y