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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Peter Nalitch

Turned to be miracle from youtube.com with his fantastic "Gitarrr" Peter Nalitch used to establish new hero: macho from Balkans dashigly singing gypsy romances (those are not gypsy at all), tender romances (those are not romances at all) and some allusions to soviet bards (those are probably not). For several weeks russian clerks had no opportunity to see Nalitch somewhere except youtube window. Most of people thought of him as new star of gypsy punk but....
Actually Peter Nalitch is 25-year old divorced moscow citizen with 1/4 part ob bosnian blood. His granfather from Bosnia was an opera singer.
Peter Nalitch never goes far than his countryhouse ('dacha') and even doesn't have foreign passport. He used to study im Moscow Academie of Architecture famous for its musical traditions.
Давай разведемся.mp3