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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mikael Tariverdiev

Russian composer Mikael Tariverdiev is known as soundtrack author for 130 movies such as "Seventeen Moments of Spring", "Irony of Fate" etc.
Professionals say his music has its own face and could be recognized from first tacts. He could create music in every "academical" genre - music for cinema, theatre, opera or romance. Original intonation and beautiful voice were the main treats of his music. And he always tried to develop himself, everytime he set new tasks and found new ways of solutions.

He was really great composer with deep music.

Vospominania (from "Olga Sergeevna")
Vozvraschenie nadezhdy

Friday, November 04, 2005

Fuktovy Kefir | Fruit Kefir

They define band music style as jazz-punk or funk-punk with some grunge and hardcore. But mostly it doesn't matter. The main is songs that can amaze you every time.
I heard their song 'Pruzhinka' (springy) about lost doggy some years ago in tv program 'Kitchen' then I tried to find album with no success and know I'm happy downloading some songs today and wish you to do the same!

First Album
lj fkefir.ru