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Monday, November 27, 2006

Natalia Medvedeva

Natalia Medvedeva was an actor, a model, a writer and a singer who performed with punk bands like "Tribunal", "Korrozia Metalla" and "Hyj Zabej". In 16 she moved to America after her first husband and began her career singing romances in the bars of Sunset Beach. Unlike most people who supported punk ideology, she took serious lessons of singing in New York conservatory. Then she married Eduard Limonov, a marginal anti soviet writer and a radical politician, who set in prison for some years because of his books and social activity. Together they moved to France, where Natalia wrote articles for french magazines which spotted and mocked bohemian traits of life. When she came back to Russia, she felt a cultural shock meeting true soviet people and this resulted in her songs. Medvedeva was well read and highly intellectual, that's why her lyrics (as well as her books) criticize stereotypes, primitive desires and ways of thinking in a sincere, decadent and sometimes ironical way and praise true love which is not easy to find among of this all. In 1994 she recorded her most famous and radical album "Tribunal" by Natalia Medvedeva (the title speaks for itself). Natalia was one of the brightest stars on russian female underground stage. Maybe she can be compared to Lydia Lynch.

Her songs make me start thinking of the meaning of life. Tragic frustrated melancholy tones of her voice drive me into sad and philosophical mood. Sometimes I feel like it's my elder sister talking to me.

(written by new ex-soviet music editor Panda_on_Snow)

I can add that I made Medvedeva's acquaintance in the end of 90th with her book "And they had passion.." (text in russian).

Book described relationship between young woman and writer (prototypes are certainly Natalia and Eduard Limonov). That times I was shocked with some cruelty and radicalism of this woman: it seemed she lived in revolution every day. And maybe it was. Limonov in one of his book said that Natalia's death was something like regularity: she died in the of 44 in quiet dream. In February 3, 2003.
And revolution was over.

I suppose punk wasn't best music style for Medvedeva's charisma and voice that were optimally for chanson songs. But punk was in her soul like protest against soviet life. She tried to get rid of soviet rules and lifestyle all her life.

by terless
К сорока годам у Барби | By 40 Barbie has.mp3 (poem in rus)

Пара гнедых | Couple of bay horses.mp3 (romance)
Singapur.mp3 (romance)
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mary Poppins | Natalia Andreychenko

Mary Poppins is the central character in a series of children's books written by P. L. Travers and illustrated by Mary Shepard, which were subsequently adapted for film and for the stage.
In russian version ("Mary Poppins, Goodbye" 1983 (sic! year om my birth:) english nanny Mary Poppins was positioned as Lady Perfection. That was true. Miss Poppins weared only high-quality clothes, had stylish hats, spoke without ugly words - she was reaaly perfect.
Mary wasn't first role of young actress Natalia Andreychenko. She was rather famous in Soviet Union (after "Siberiada" by Andron Konchalovsky for example) but "Mary..." made her heroin of all soviet and post-soviet children.
Soundtrack for "Mary Poppins, Goodbye" was created by Natalia Andreychenko's husband, composer Maxim Dunaevskiy. Some traditions of musical mixed with some soviet melodies fixed on funny and smart texts. Soundtrack became Mister Perfection in this story.

Mary Poppins, Goodbye! (1983) OST

Monday, November 20, 2006

Olga Rozhdestvenskaya & Moscow Grooves Institute

Olga is heroin of my coincidences.
First time I heard her voice some years ago but didn't know whose voice it was. It was stylish, romantic but modern and smart. I thought: maybe it was Irina Bogushevskaya? No!
Some days ago I had a big scandal with production department and producer gave me Olga's songs to hear - "Wow" - I said - "I know her and... don't know her".
Then I told to my friend: "You know the song I'm humming?" - "Your murmurs are not like melody, you see" - he answered. "It's Olga Rozhdestvenskaya, so you know?" - "I know. Once I fell from stairs with her"...
I found picture that made me envy: Olga has beautiful voice and she's very beautiful herself.

Чрезвычайно изобретательный электронный саунд легко оплетает небесный голос, поющий до боли знакомые слова «На заре ты ее не буди…», «Где же ты моя Сулико…»." -- i can't translate this extraordinary phrase. Let it be magic secret for foreigners.

(my english is bad, bad, bad...)

Les chrysanthemes [ 2002 mix ] .mp3 | "Na zare" whole album

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Valery Zubkov

Movie "Tsygan" ("Gipsy") was created in 1979. Actress Clara Lutchko was popular in Soviet Union but after "Tsygan" release she became the most popular actress in USSR.

Music for this film wrote Valery Zubkov. I haven't found any information about this talented composer. I'll describe track: this is lyric composition made in soviet soundtrack tradition. It makes heart ache and tears closer. It's romantic. And if you don't know "Tsygan"'s fabula you'll see "meeting" anyway.

Valery Zubkov - Vstrecha (Meeting).mp3