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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mary Poppins | Natalia Andreychenko

Mary Poppins is the central character in a series of children's books written by P. L. Travers and illustrated by Mary Shepard, which were subsequently adapted for film and for the stage.
In russian version ("Mary Poppins, Goodbye" 1983 (sic! year om my birth:) english nanny Mary Poppins was positioned as Lady Perfection. That was true. Miss Poppins weared only high-quality clothes, had stylish hats, spoke without ugly words - she was reaaly perfect.
Mary wasn't first role of young actress Natalia Andreychenko. She was rather famous in Soviet Union (after "Siberiada" by Andron Konchalovsky for example) but "Mary..." made her heroin of all soviet and post-soviet children.
Soundtrack for "Mary Poppins, Goodbye" was created by Natalia Andreychenko's husband, composer Maxim Dunaevskiy. Some traditions of musical mixed with some soviet melodies fixed on funny and smart texts. Soundtrack became Mister Perfection in this story.

Mary Poppins, Goodbye! (1983) OST

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