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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Lera Masskva (name she took after joke at Moscow sitizen accent) was born in New Urengoy, little north town where temperature is only +10...14 in july.
Then she moved to Moscow wishing singing but the firm promoting young stars turned unfair. She only asked: "Where is best karaoke-club here?" After several days of karaoke singing producer of famous ZeKo Lable Igor Markov opened Masskva.

Now her songs are under great Zemfira influence and it would be hard to overcome it. No doubt Masskva will develop her songs and her singing because to be ikon for russian lesbians can't be aim of such a talanted girl.

On 7 flour.mp3

Friday, July 08, 2005


I found this band occasionally walking through nonprofessional music sites. BOA was on 1th place in local chart. I downloaded and got admired: they are really good. BOA music is like "Neschastny sluchay" and "Ivasi" style so if you like these bands you'd probablu fell in love with BOA.
Jazz, easy listening, excellent texts, naiv - this is BOA.

Molchat' ili pet' (Be silent or do sing).mp3
Dvornik Stepanov.mp3

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Edita Pieha

Born in small miner town in France Edita Pieha had to become famous soviet singer. Always she differed from soviet folk singering women: she was elegant and stylish, her polish accent showed foreign birth so it might be hard to win sympathy of soviet public.
Now in Russia she is not really popular but her grandson Stas Pieha became popular after tv-show Fabric of Stars and new wave of interest to Edita Stanislavovna became that time. And certainly Stas sings ordinary pop songs despite of his grandma's traditions.
Her songs were free, funny, romantic and smart - like a joke at heavy USSR-machine.

Lastochki (Swallows).mp3