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Monday, October 19, 2009

Mumiy Troll

it's not a frequent situation when russian artist releases album for export.
we remember pop-stars like Valeria, Alsou, Dima Bilan -- none of them has succeed on foreign scene.

I suppose Mumiy Troll would get the same result despite of his album is very interesting. It represents the style (and also lyrics) of one of the most popular rock bands in modern Russia.

Taste it.

Paradise Ahead EP (2009).rar

Monday, October 05, 2009

Cabaret of Pierrot Insane

When my friend and singer Sergey Vasilyev told me about his plans of creating cabaret "Pierrot Le Fou" (or "Piero Insane"), I was sceptically oriented thinking it's just a fun for some time.

But I've mistaken: suddenly Cabaret became more popular in area of Moscow clubs than most of promoted new bands.

Sergey, the singer of Cabaret, is a "man with beautiful voice and big heart" as his website says. he created and proposed a travel into the world of his favorite music - the fierce romance, gramophone plates and illegal recordings... You can meet him in Moscow in the beginning of 20 century, in Buenos Aires of 30s, in snow-covered backyards and in prisons. His songs are used to be soundtracks for your love affairs and broken hearts. For the auditory of posh restaurants and degraded people.

These songs were created by different people: Vertinsky, Izabella Yurieva, Carlos Gardel, Petr Leschenko, Arcadiy Severny etc. So the artist can turn into hero or clown or fool for you.

"This music makes you swallow alcohol with tears, to laugh, to fall in love, to regret. What was the secret?"

For sure, Pierrot Insane's music is not a fake after the great singers. He follows the tradition and his cabaret is more than just atmosphere of modern clubs. He penetrates into the tradition of lost theatre: Meyerhold, Brecht, Blok. So every perfomance turns to a cultural phenomenon more than a concert.

Cabaret_de_Pierrot_le_Fou_Soundtrack1 // bezpiero.ru