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Thursday, March 03, 2005


Soviet censorship determined human morality. Usually soviet film ended with passionate kiss of two persons instead of sexual scene holliwood movies shown or alluded to. Some foreign films imported illegally and demonstrated to close friends in the flats with impenetrable curtains were the gulp of sexual liberty soviets needed so much. The main factor wasn't quality of these films but censorship interdiction because - as russian say - "forbidden fruit is always sweet".
One of foreigns films illegally imported to USSR was "Emmanuelle" and the generation of soviet men fell in love with Sylvia Kristel played the main role of simple-hearted temptress.
"Griechische Feigen" by Siggi Gotz (1976) was another film watched by inexperienced soviet erotomaniacs and its heroine Corinne travelled with nude bossom seemed them to be real pornostar.
Music wtitten by Pierre Bachelet and Francis Lai became the main theme of adult parties and considerably favoured to devastation of iron morals.

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