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Friday, March 25, 2005

Oleg Dal'

Some years ago I was fond of memoirs and read book about famous soviet actor Oleg Dal'. The book amazed me: Dal seemed to be genius not appreciated by contemporaries. There was a story about plate recorded by Dal - "Alone with you, brother..." - where he recited Mikhail Lermontov's poems.
Dal's reciting differs from modern poetic reciting: sadness, melancholy show not only poet's world but actor's.

Duma.mp3, 2,91mb
I skuchno i grustno.mp3, 1,24mb
Vyhozhu odin ya na dorogu.mp3, 1,08mb
Zaveschanie.mp3, 1,24mb
all in russian


Lighted One said...

I randomly googled Dal's name and happened upon your post. Yes, he was a genius. And his reading of those poems is incredible and heartbreaking...

Mcp-music said...

Oleg Dal