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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Spring in Moscow

My final exam is over so i have a chance to continue describing my thoughts of soviet and postsoviet music.
I often think about life in USSR... I was born when Yuri Andropov ruled country that means the end of Soviet Union was near. My concept of soviet life differed with great dissonance which concludes in unpleasant things I saw myself and in nice, some nostalgic stories about happy youth I heard from my parents and saw in films like "Ya shagayu po Moskve" (Walking the Streets of Moscow) or "Pokrovskie vorota" (Pokrov Gates).
60th for me - it's time of tender relations, deep love and thaw as well. I imagine young people at the party in district far from Moscow center dancing and smiling and - I don't know why - all the girls I see in my mind clothed in striped roll-necks :) And Joe Dassin as God of Romantic Spring!

Joe-Dassin - Je Viens Comme Un Voleur.mp3, 6,86 МБ
Joe-Dassin - A Toi.MP3, 6,47 МБ

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