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Friday, March 18, 2005

Irina Bogushevskaya

Irina Bogushevskaya is unique russian singer working in a unique genre: she sings light, some romantic but very smart songs in cabaret and chanson style. These songs are not similar bard songs or "prison chanson" ones - she managed to create her own original style. Also it should be said she writes texts herself. It's a really good music as it turns to us.

photo by A.Cordovskiy

Terpkiy vecher.mp3 (astringent evening)
39 tramway.mp3


Anonymous said...

thanks to irina songs, nope it is not songs thanks to here eexistence i can breath when it's already impossible...

Unknown said...

Fui apresentada a Irina , hj por um recente amigo e simplesmente adorei seu canto, sua voz , seus significados ,