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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Julia Buzhilova&Renata Litvinova

Julia born in 1983 was a participant of tv-project Fabric of Stars-#1, reality-show directed to find out gifted young people to promote then. Julia wasn't winner of Fabric but she composed some songs one of which was "You're writing to me" where great modern russian director, actress, scenario writer and producer Renata Litvinova took part.
Renata Litvinova (her voice you hear in this song) graduated VGIK (Russian State Institute of Cinematography); she wrote some successful scenarios and directed several films ("No death for me" - scandal documentary film about 5 divas of soviet cinema; "The Goddess"), worked with Kira Muratova. Also Renata was a juror of Berlin Cinema Festival.
It's hard to describe what Renata Litvinova means for russians: she's probably angel, new diva of russian cinema like Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich were in their countries and epochs.

One day I'll go away
and only my words which are unfading would stay
these feelings are striking of walls
and I see sparks
they're not dissolving unlike me
so mortal one
they're like eternal monument
and would never be forgotten
and would be passed from man to man
and they would feel finally
how I loved you
It'll be rather good to live and live
to love and love you
you to be immortal
and not to become first
not to run away
as I call death
death is not fearful
but let her not to get closer to you...

You're writing to me.mp3 (in rus)

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