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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Evgene Doga

Evgene Doga was born in 1937 in Moldova. He graduated Kishinev Musical School (violoncello class) and then studied for 9 years in conservatory.
He composed music secretly but once his classmate Maria came to repetition for radio wishing folklore song to present but her teacher Pavel Bachinin (ex-Pablo Baccini) told her another song to try. She said she had no second song and Evgene offered his own song. "Classmate Maria" became favorite moldovian singer Maria Bieshu and Doga became composer.
But soon Doga was crushed with disaster: his left hand was paralysed. He deсided to devote his life to composing and entered conservatory again.
During his life Doga collaborated with many film directors. The most successful were works with Emile Lotyanu ("My tender and affectionate Beast", "Gypsy Camp Leaves for the Sky") and Ion Popescu-Gopo ("Maria Mirabela").
He also composed music for opening ang closing Moscow Olympiade (1980) and his first ballet "Luctafarul" (1982). But russians think if he had composed nothing but his famous Waltz for "My tender and affectionate Beast" his name would become legendary still.

(Vals iz filma Moy Laskoviy i Nezhny zver) Waltz from film My tender and affectionate Beast or try this
(Berezovaya Alleya) Birch Path - from Maria Mirabela

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Thank you very much. My tender... is such an amazing piece of music!