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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Katya Chilly

The nonconformist of the Ukrainian music, the singer destroying all of representation about a format. A voice of the siren is forcing to forget about all things, unique beautiful face, the fantastic character and child's frankness. All this about Katya Chilly. Katya is one of the brightest phenomena of the Ukrainian music. Arguments in favour of this statement? First, originality of a genre in which the singer works. Her scenic image and vocal talant as well give us total rights to consider unprecedented phenomenon in Ukrainian music and World music.
It is impossible to compare Katya Chilly with other singers.. she is unique.
This music is "world" but not only: her songs are beyond any directions. Like mantras with electronic style.
In the summer of 2005 Katya and Ukranian records have released a single «Півні». Russian and Ukrainian DJs worked with Katya: Tka4 (Kiev), Evgenie Arsentyev (Moscow), DJ Lemon (Kiev), Professor Moriarti (Moscow), LP (Kaliningrad) (I wrote about LP by the way).
Restoring an archaic ethnic material, Katya Chilly gives it(him) unique modern interpretation. So finds a new embodiment a musical soul of people.

Я - молодая | i am young.mp3
Крашен вечер | beautiful evening.mp3


Anonymous said...

I really liked her..I agree, so unique and brings the sense of some hope somehow...


Anonymous said...

You have the most amazing sound... I love your music sooo much!

tm said...

thanks, Cassandra -)

Anonymous said...

Katya you'r the best!!! Your music is
brilliant,keep goin so.I wish u good luck and greetings from lithuania!!!

tm said...

Спасибо, Литва! -)