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Saturday, June 11, 2005


LP is a band from Kaliningrad (ex-Koenigsberg), Immanuil Kant's motherland. Kaliningrad is small town far from Moscow and near Europe and Baltic sea. So people playing music in this town can be independent from Moscow barbarian show-business and "actual" tendencies.
LP plays nordic, romantic rock music full of energy and drive. They are modest and ambitious but not impudent.

LP can be decoded as "London-Paris" and also "Long-Play". When players were 13 years old they took guitars and in 1997 their song "Janette tears" was being sung at the main Kaliningrad square.

She smiles (sex RMX).mp3


Stephan Clark said...

Мне нравится ету песну. Спасибо от Калифорний.

c said...

Oh wow, I haven't listened to this yet, I hope it'll tell me if this the same "Long Play" who posted the song "Without You" on mp3.com -- I think they were from Belarus or Ukraine..

c said...

oop, nope :)