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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Strana Glukhikh | Country of the Deaf

Imho Country of the Deaf (imdb.com) is the best russian movie of 90th. Interesting, unusual story tells us about girl Rita and her deaf girlfriend Yaya. Rita loves a man who loves only gambling games and became a victim of his passion. To get money she has to be "ears" for boss of mafia of deafs - she has to pose herself as deaf girl feeling danger for her chief. Above this line there is Yaya's dreaming about fantastic country of deaf where she's going to take also Rita. But to the final Rita understands her efforts were futile and her boyfrined could appreciate only gambling money. Then she hears the sea Yaya described her - like a deaf girl.
The root of this story was taken from Renata Litvinova's book.
There are many symbols of Russia in 90th: easy money, absurd life where girls have to survive in different ways, beautiful dream that holds your mind, relations between girls we can hardly understand, unreal deaf mafia, sad sky in Moscow mornings...
All the emotions were showed in soundtrack by Alexey Aigi and his Ansamble 4'33. It's over-free and melancholy music like Mosccow life at all.

Alexey Aigi & 4'33 - Night.mp3, 5,4Mb
Alexey Aigi & 4'33 - Strana gluhih (final theme).mp3, 6,5Mb

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