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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The most original band I ever heard. Cosmic and pseudoromantic music can be comparised only with greek Syrens' songs.
Eugene Kalachev and Anzhey Zakharischev fon Braush met 10 years ago in St.Petersburg which one was the best place for getting estetic comcept of group. Then they moved to Moscow in anatily Vasiliev's theatre where flower style fell in blossom. As ideologist Anzhey proclaimed new erotic movement and created perfomance with cake-woman. Then there was a movie called "Oh, marquise de Sad!"...

In 2000 popular and odious magazine OM loyal to deviants of each sort named Obermaneken's album "Magnetizm" 5-stars-album that was probably cool in Russia.

Cosmic guest.mp3

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c said...

These two songs are so so so wonderful!