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Sunday, September 10, 2006

beginning of 90th

Beginning of 90th in ex-soviet countries was full of music.
Combinacia with songs about American boy, Accountant and 2 pieces of wurst lie on your table.Bogdan Titomir with his "Sex machine" and "Do like me". "Do like me" - it was actual appeal for perplexed soviet people especially young. They were ready to go by Titomir's slogan.

Also Car-Man London, goodbye...
...Also Cabaret-Duet Academia Za pivom - music not for youth but for typical adults.

Russian pop music of that time was comic a bit. On one hand it tried to copy modern american and european style, on other hand there were a lot of themes to be sing about: "American boy, i'll go with you", "2 pieces of wurst lie on table, you told me fairy-tales but I didn't believe you". The texts described rich world and ordinary soviet boys and girls had to choose: to be rich and illegal or to be poor and patriotic.

"I love military men, handsome and big, and also like cool ones and other businesslike guys..." - in all aspects she loved bandits.

Sergey Lemokh | Car-Man

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Anonymous said...

Aga, a eschyo diskoteki v pionerlageryah...pod vse vyshepeechislennoe - dazhe est' nekaya nostalgia, neesmotrya na uzhasnoe kachestvo toj "music"