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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Zhenya Borzykh

She's is unknown and popular as well. The secret is in quantity of her projects - actually I don't know which are serious and which are just her jokes. "Dsh!Dsh!", "ProgoninPesnyu", "ProgonimPlyasku", "Massa Kryma" (Mass of Crimea), "Band of vegetables", "Blue-eyed Japan" et cetera. Too many projects for one singer you'd say. NO. Zhenya is multi-talented and has the most original female voice I've heard for years. But... if you haven't pioneer background behind, it would hardly be recognized.

"Banish the Song" is a project full of naive art but charged with childish optimism mixed with adult sides of life. Better I'd offer to check out this line:

...but we need to go to disco hurry up
why are you muddling we can't be late
the main thing is not to be drunk
because my mommy would begin to slang

7 songs 17.67 mb


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