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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tanya Zykina

Tanya Zykina became famous without any traditional promotion (no musicvideos, no concerts, no millions of youtube clicks, no scandals, no tabloids). Typical story for end of 2000th (end? did I say it?) but untypical for his sort of music.
OF COURSE everyone has lazyness and compares TZ with Zemfira that is another FAMOUS russian pop-rock star. But actually Tanya is absolutely another product.
Her songs have unique easy melodies and refined poems - more refined that Zemfira's because of her brutal manner. Sometimes she sings about nice nonsences. Her songs don't contain thick layer of ideological mass.

And... you can't imagine: she sings also about happiness. And her voice is shrill and fascinating.

Born in Izhevsk, she worked at local radiostation as DJ then moved to Moscow several years ago.

124 mb of songs on narod.ru .rar


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