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Monday, May 08, 2006

Блестящие | Shining

Their start was in 1997. VJ's of MTV channel were smiling darkly while presenting some shots from music video.
Band "Shining" consisted of 3 beautiful girls: Olga, Polina and Varvara (then - Olga, Irina and Zhanna). Their music had function of a special bridge between pop music and club culture. They said something like: if you have no money for expensive moscow clubs and you would never pass ordinary facecontrol, you could be bright and you could dance all the same!
Girls were the heroins of new teen magazine "COOL" and soon Russia went mad about "Shining".
But russian showbusiness is a stupid thing like moss: soon "Shining" became a typical pop group: no dances, no clubs - only tits and shining lips.

Tam, tol'ko tam - There, only there (1997) or rapidshare


The Hopeful Cynic said...

Hey I nice blog,I have to get a round it a bit more. Question #1; what are the names of the Блестящие?
Question #2; i have heard that Moscow is the most Expensive place to live in at the moment is that true and if it is, what is the main reason for that?
tnx for the time, More Qs to come i promise!

tm said...

hi, Amir, i'll try to answer your questions:
1/ girls in "Shining" band are often change so the names of girls on picture here are:
Zhanna, Irina, Olga and Ksenia. Now members have changed.
2/Yes, Moscow is very expensive place to live and we ourselves can't explain why. But we used to live here in these conditions -)

Alef said...

We can explain. But I’ll tell you that only when you move in Moscow and become Russia’s citizen. Not earlier. :-P
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