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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Georgian Legend (Erisioni)

I found "Gandagana"-song occasionally but the magic music impressed me very much. "Georgian Legend" is modern export version of georgian folk music. Music is set on producing platform with some reasons: to keep and promote georgian culture, to earn money and to show the world former soviets can make cool show.
From the site:
"1999. During a performance in Tbilisi, Georgia by the Georgian National Ensemble "Erisioni", Jim Lowe and Pascal Jourdan discover a country, a soul, and a culture enriched by centuries of history. Amazed by the immense talent of these dancers, singers and musicians, they decide to introduce this jewel to the world.

2000. The first version of the show, then called "The Legend of Tamar," tours in the United States. American critics hail the production as "sensational" (The Los Angeles Times), "spectacular" (The New York Times), and "a feast of riches for eye and ear" (The New York Post).

2001-2002. GEORGIAN LEGEND debuts in Europe, with acclaimed performances in legendary Parisian venues such as the Palais des Sports and the Palais des Congres and a tour through France, Switzerland and Belgium in April 2002. With an audience of 150,000 and 100,000 CDs sold in few months, the success of Georgian Legend is only beginning.

2003. GEORGIAN LEGEND is the meeting between the Georgian people and the Western world. Consummate production values of technique, sound, light and staging showcase the performers.

GEORGIAN LEGEND is composed of breathtaking Georgian artists -- men, women and children (between 8 and 11 years old) -- who collaborated with four European musicians for a mixing of cultures and musical influences. It is also breathtaking jumps, saber fights, dizzying waltz, technical prowess, moving choirs, and stirring musical composition and conduction.

GEORGIAN LEGEND is about love and work, about invasions, wars and victories, about the pride and courage of a proud people of the Caucasus who, throughout centuries, have retained their own identity. The dancers are terpsichorean athletes, the only dancers in the world able to dance on toepoint while wearing supple leather ballet slippers. The height of their jumps, the variety, the rapidity and the synchronism of their movements are an astonishment of power and precision. The gracious and courteous ballerinas seem to glide on the stage, smiling and diaphanous. Despite their youth, the children have reached an impressive level of artistic rigor and maturity.

All the legends from Georgia come together in a performance that you and your family will never forget."




Ralph Hälbig said...

You can more find about gorgian music on this site ...

* http://georgien.blogspot.com/2006/01/first-georgian-digital-store-online.html

Thanks for this informations - good blog! I visited your blog very often.

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Unknown said...

excellent blog!

you can find some infos about contemporary Georgian music groups on my blog:http://taktaka.blogspot.com/2006/09/georgian-music.html