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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Anna German

Anna German was born on 14 February 1936 in Urgench, Uzbekistan. Ten years later she moved with her mother and grandmother to Poland. After college, she studied geology in Wrocław, which she graduated with the best results. In parallel to her studies, she stayed faithful to her greatest hobby since childhood: music and singing. Therefore, Anna joined the theatre "Kalambur", where she could actively practice and develop her talents. This was the first step to her big career as a singer. She took part in many famous Polish festivals like Sopot and Opole and was fascinating the public with her beautiful, strong, vibrating voice and also with her unique appearance. Her songs "Zakwitnę różą", "Człowieczy los", "Bal u Posejdona" and "Tańczące Eurydyki" became hits awarded with the highest prizes. Anna was singing in Polish, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, Latin and German such famous songs like: "La mamma" of Charles Aznavour and "Ave Maria" of Charles Gounod. She created her own, very special lyrical style.

In the Soviet Union, now in Russia and other post Soviet republics, she was beloved and became very famous. For very many fans she is still alive in such beautiful songs of the Russian composers like: "Nadiezda", "Iz-za ostrowa na striezen" and "Odin wychozu na dorogu". It was almost impossible to get the tickets for her concerts, usually sold out long before.

Anna German - Nadezhda.mp3, 3,41 МБ (Hope)
Anna German - Odin Raz V God Sady Tsvetut.mp3, 4,42 МБ (Once a year orchards blow)

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